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Based in Portland, Oregon, we are fueled by the belief that teachers play the determinant role in driving student achievement. But we also believe that we can’t fully optimize our teaching resources unless we also begin to unburden the teacher. What’s more powerful than a platform that consolidates all district and auxiliary collections of standards-aligned resources? A company committed to your performance success.

Founded on four simple but essential core principles, EdCaliber partners with districts who have every right to expect more of their software/technology providers.

  1. We believe in empowering teachers to meet rigorous objectives and improve student outcomes.
  2. We believe in research-based best practices and the virtue of continuous improvement.
  3. We believe every student is better served when every district can readily access
    and leverage its own institutional knowledge.
  4. We believe relationships are earned and nourished with honesty, transparency and demonstrations of solid value.

With a heightened focus on the teacher: curriculum relationship, we are steadfast in our commitment to putting technology to work in the way teachers need it to work. In partnership with district administrators and teachers, EdCaliber first sought to identify a tighter, concrete set of functional objectives. After designing, building and testing, we began rolling out the first-ever curriculum implementation platform organized around teachers’ natural planning styles and intuitive enough to serve more like a dynamic, proactive coach than a static repository. Lessoneer was born – an overnight sensation…five years in the making!

We are here

for every superintendent, C&I director,
teacher, student, parent and Board Member
in this country that wants to impact
quality of instruction by putting
their resources where they can
do the most good.

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