The Mathematics Vision Project and EdCaliber
in Partnership present

MVP in Lessoneer

School districts across the country have discovered that they can realize the vision of the Common Core State Standards using the MVP curriculum, while avoiding the license fees charged by traditional publishers. Lessoneer has partnered with MVP to provide anytime, anywhere access to the MVP curriculum and all of the support materials teachers need on a daily basis, eliminating the need for expensive printing. Districts can use the money they save on license fees and printing for professional development to support teachers in improving classroom instruction.


What Sets MVP Apart?

  • MVP Materials are created from the ground-up to embody the focus, coherence, and rigor of Common Core and immerse students in the Standards for Mathematical Practice

  • MVP Materials are based upon a framework for learning that honors student thinking and meaningful student work with respect to reasoning and problem solving

  • MVP core curriculum is free, published under a Creative Commons license, which includes the Basic Teacher Notes

  • Professional Development and Homework Help are both available at

Why Lessoneer + MVP?

  • MVP resources are organized down to the task level so that what the teacher needs is where they need it, when they need it, optimizing teacher efficiency and effectiveness with ability to add district- and teacher-specific materials

  • Paid Enhanced Teacher Notes and Supplemental Materials are included at no additional cost with your Lessoneer license.

  • Integration with your district’s LMS to support 1:1 instruction with student materials broken out a task level (Click to see Canvas Integration Example)

  • Online dynamic planning tool that exports to Google Calendar

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Enhanced Teacher Notes and Supplemental Materials include...
  • Module Quizzes, Assessments & Answer Keys
  • Module Parent Guides and Teacher Overviews
  • Instructional Supports and Adaptations, Intervention Ideas, and Challenge Activities
  • Exit Ticket Ideas
  • Solutions for In Class Tasks and Homework
  • Lesson Overview Presentations (Sample)
  • Warm-Up Exercises (Sample)
  • Homework Extra Help and Examples (Sample)

What Partners are Saying

Linda Dilger,,
Mathematics Coordinator

“In Monterey County, high school math teachers have embraced MVP for three years. These teachers have found the curriculum to be coherent and rigorous. The added support that EdCaliber has created in Lessoneer has me in awe. I know these teachers will embrace the ease and usefulness of this fantastic supportive tool!”

Monterey County Office of Education
Dennis Williams,,
Secondary Math Support Specialist

“Lessoneer has provided the Beaverton School District with an efficient, user-friendly tool that is supporting our secondary math teachers in implementing a new curriculum developed by the Math Vision Project. We are able to efficiently share materials throughout the district’s 16 secondary schools, and teachers are able to collaborate on the development of assessments, student supports, and tasks. Our secondary math teachers have found that Lessoneer is easy to navigate, and it puts all of the various components of our curriculum materials a click away.”

Beaverton School District.
Barbara Kuehl,,
MVP Author and Chief Officer of Academic Services and Professional Development

“The Lessoneer platform provides an ideal framework for school districts and teachers to effectively implement the MVP curriculum. By integrating MVP Teacher Notes and Support Ancillaries such as the Ready Set Go Answer Keys, Lessoneer is providing everything a teacher needs to successfully facilitate student learning.”

Salt Lake City School District.

Your MVP instruction will be better tomorrow