If you think saving 20 minutes is no big deal, ask a teacher.

For those who want to increase student achievement while decreasing the time-burden on our teachers, only Lessoneer puts your teachers at the center of a standards-aligned universe.

By integrating a district’s curriculum with all the best standards-aligned resources
into a single, easy-to-use planning tool, Lessoneer makes:

Rigorous instruction

Teacher time savings

Greater teacher happiness

…achievable and accessible for every district. Every teacher. Every subject. Every grade.

Why have thousands of teachers already fallen in love with Lessoneer?

Because less time spent hunting down resources means more time lighting up the classroom!

Access daily

Flexibly paced
on your district’s

See which
have been taught

and assessed across
a class, school
or district!


and parent

all the best

View coaches’
notes & shared

Standards PD

• Unpacked skills
and content
• Academic vocabulary
• Performance tasks

Thousands of resources. Only one place to plan.

We Support 1:1 Classrooms

Is your district 1:1 ready? Lessoneer’s “My Student Portal” is designed to support digital classrooms and makes it easy for teachers to ensure students always have access to the resources they need.


With My Student Portal, teachers can:

  • Customize which curricular Materials to share with students;
  • Use their own or search Lessoneer’s OER database by standard for supplemental Materials to share with students;
  • Create and share instructional Notes;
  • Archive Notes and Materials for future use.

Best of all, My Student Portal is customizable for each teacher – everyone in the district can create a unique “digital textbook” for their students! Do you use an LMS like Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology? Lessoneer makes it easy to share Materials via your LMS in a variety of ways.

Design. Build. Use. Improve.

With Lessoneer’s Custom Curriculum Builder, you can create an online version of your curriculum that’s tailored to your district’s specifications. Work collaboratively to build a standards-aligned, fully-customizable curriculum that includes Materials from your district and Lessoneer’s OER library. Lessoneer even automatically generates Standards Coverage Maps, giving you greater insight into when and how often standards are hit throughout the year. Once a curriculum is live, users can create their own custom Schedules to reflect the pacing in their individual classrooms. Learn more…

Use google ? It’s built right in!

Use dropbox or onedrive ? They’re all right here.

Your curriculum comes alive, first for teachers, then for students,
courtesy of our industry-lauded Building Blocks™.

Often cited by C&I directors and superintendents as one
of the most exciting tools in Lessoneer, the Building Blocks feature
was designed to help districts better address the rigors of CCSS.
Building Blocks help your district:

  1. Clarify the standards and objectives you built into your curriculum
  2. Bring your objectives to life for teachers & students
    by providing onscreen, on-demand Professional Development
    in English and Spanish
  3. Turn your assessment results into real instruction
    by including SBAC Claims and Targets linked to standards

Does the most teacher-centric approach to curriculum
mastery also save your district money? You bet!

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“Lessoneer is Incredible!!!
It has already helped my
instruction because of all
the tools at my fingertips!”
Stacy Hultgren
5th grade teacher
Hickman Community
Hickman Community
Charter District
“Lessoneer allows me
to collaborate in real-time
with colleagues that are
teaching the same lessons…
sharing ideas and tips
to help me grow.”
Ben Cogswell
“Coach Ben” @cogswell_ben
Instructional Coach
School District
"I love the curriculum
browser in Lessoneer….
Very easy!!!!"
Monica Benner
Assistant Superintendent,
Curriculum and Instruction
Kings Canyon
Unified School District
Lessoneer is so AWESOME!
I wish I had my own classroom
to use this for
my instruction.”
José M. Aldaco
Assistant Superintendent,
Educational Services
School District

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By attending just one online demonstration,
you could save your teachers 20+ hours of classroom planning and preparation time.
Per teacher. Per year.

Robust and scalable but low-cost and low-risk, only Lessoneer delivers the total answer to
efficient curriculum implementation and unprecedented teacher satisfaction.
Because you’re not just saving teachers’ time, you’re helping them ignite their innate joy of teaching!


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